Youth Ministry


Crossgrain Youth Group
is a ministry devoted to furthering the spiritual growth of Junior High and High School students. It is our goal to build up a generation of Youth that stand out in modern culture because of their faith in Christ.

The name Crossgrain is a hardwood flooring term that we use to illustrate this concept of Christian living. Every piece of hardwood used in a floor has a specific grain pattern that runs in one direction. The world is like this grain pattern as everyone flows in one direction of sinfulness. When sanding a hard wood floor against the grain marks are made that stand out from all the rest.

Through Crossgrain’s firm Biblical teaching youth are taught to become a mark in the world that stands out from all of the rest and goes against the grain of the world.

Crossgrain meets Wednesday nights as a part of Awana 6:30-8:00 at the church.